***Now with added SWEENEY***

Before they take on Golden Plains in the Meredith supernatural amphitheatre, Animals Dancing and The House De Frost welcome The Pilotwings & J-Zbel to the Toff Ballroom for two special live performance next Saturday March 4.

Over the past few years the Lyon based duo have carved out a distinct sound in their productions for Brothers From Different Mothers and Macadam Mambo. Since 2014 Guillaume Lespinasse & Louis De La Gorce have released two albums and two singles, becoming collectors items and 'buy-on-sight' records worldwide. 

While taking influence from the warm digital synth pads and emotive melodies of italo house, raw basslines and jacking drum programming of early Chicago and a nod to 90s UK, the pair have maintained a forward-thinking aesthetic within their blissful nostalgia. 

As a trio, J-Zbel throwback to the darker, heavier sounds of Techno, Jungle, Acid, Breakbeat and Electro, while again still very much creating their own sound. Over the course of two records for the BFDM label and a string of highly regarded live shows, the mysterious J-Zbel crew will step things up in to uncharted territory for the Toff ballroom and your mind.