As both a DJ and producer, DJ Normal 4 has one foot in the fields of the proto-rave sounds of the early-nineties and one in the house sounds emanating from Düsseldorf, Lyon, London and The Hague today.

Having shared a number of split twelves with Bufiman on the VFMM label over the years and been part of the community of DJs playing at Düsseldorf's coveted Salon Des Amateurs, 2016 saw the first DJ Normal 4 records combine breakbeat, electro and trance-not-trance elements to his house hybrid on Luca Lozano & Mr Ho's Berlin based Klasse Wrecks and Lyon's BFDM.

Last year also saw the first two releases from his Aiwo Rec. label with the debut Forum EP (of which he is one third) being a secret weapon in many record bags and a highlight of the year, while the brand new 5 Elements Pt. 1 'Water & Air' with Bufiman for Aiwo's 3rd offering adds another dynamic to DJ Normal 4's already rich output, with nuances of ambient and new age combined with hypnotic breakbeat house.

DJ Normal 4 will play Friday May 12th at Hugs & Kisses with support from Animals Dancing's Otologic and Andee Frost. Tickets on sale now through Eventbrite.

*Please note: Hugs & Kisses operates as a member's only club (like a sweatier version of a Yacht Club or RSL). Please sign up as a member to be allowed entry with your ticket: